Check Point R80.30 New Features

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Earlier this month, Check Point released version R80.30 of their Gaia operating system. A few of our favorite new features in R80.30 are as follows:

  • Ability to import Cyber Intelligence Feeds to the Security Gateway using custom CSV and Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX)
  • Enhanced visibility to “Malware DNA” analysis
  • Multihop Ping and Multiple ISPs in Policy-Based Routing

The Check Point R80 Security Management sets the standard for reliability and ease of security management. From policies and operations to people and technology, its future-proof design anticipates your security needs. It integrates all aspects of your security environment so you can efficiently deploy the strongest protections across your organization – without impeding business innovation.  Highlights of the R80 Management platform are:

  • One policy for users, data, applications and networks provides unparalleled granular control and consistent security
  • Policy can be segmented into manageable sections, or policy layers, to align with network and business needs
  • Routine tasks can be automated, orchestrated and delegated, empowering security self-service for business owners
  • R80 API enables trusted integrations with orchestration infrastructures, paving the way for fully automated security controls
  • Threat Management is fully integrated, with logging, monitoring, event correlation and reporting in one place
  • Fully customizable dashboard and reports are easily tailored to organization and stakeholder needs

There’s a lot more packed into the R80.30 release, and that is all on top of everything that was added in to R80.20.  The full text of new features can be found here.

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