Acquiring API Keys for recon-ng – Flickr API Key (flickr_api)

I wrote a brief guide for this since I just had to do it and the Recon-ng  Usage Guide has this one listed as TBD.  Cheers!

  • Create a Flickr account at
  • Apply for an API key at: and select APPLY FOR A NON-COMMERCIAL KEY.
  • Enter the name of your app, say “My_Username_RNG_app”.
  • Enter a description of what you are building, say “This is my first rodeo and I’m just doing some testing of picture searches right now.”
  • Check the “I acknowledge that Flickr members own all rights to their content, and that it’s my responsibility to make sure that my project does not contravene those rights.” disclaimer.
  • Read the Flickr API Terms of Use.
  • Check the box “I agree to comply with the Flickr API Terms of Use.”
  • You will get a 32 character “Key” and a 16 character “Secret”.
  • Open recon-ng if it is not already open.
  • Add your key to recon-ng with:
    keys add flickr_api
  • Exit recon-ng (I did not do this intitially, and ran into issues with an error about an invalid key format.)
  • Run recon-ng
  • Run the Flickr pushpin with:
    use recon/locations-pushpins/flickr
  • Take it away from there.

Many thanks to Tim Tomes for his work on the Recon-ng Framework as well as BHIS for their sponsorship of the project.